Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ask an Expert: Die, roaches, die with Standard Pest's own Gil Bloom A.C.E.

Q. What's the most effective way to get rid of roaches? Also, are any of the sprays harmful to kids or pets?
A.  We assume you are referring to ordinary roaches, about half-an inch long, rather than one-to-two inch behemoth beetle-like cockroaches commonly (though incorrectly) referred to as water bugs.  The smaller variety can be brought in with groceries or deliveries and occasionally migrate from an adjacent "reservoir" apartment, says pest control expert Gil Bloom.  Simply calling an exterminator in to spray may not be enough. If they're coming in from next door, says Bloom, "use of a sealant to caulk around kitchen and bathroom areas and service lines as well as wall-void application of diatomaceous earth or boric acid is a good prevention."
Other tips:  Don't leave human or animal food out, empty your garbage cans twice a day, and don't save bags, boxes, newspapers etc. Insect traps can be helpful, says Bloom, as well as a variety of baits that you can buy at the hardware or drugstore and put in the hot spots where you see roaches, or between the scavengers and their food source. "Boric acid baits are the least toxic for non-insects and diatomaceous earth is a reduced risk dust which is effective for most insects including the dreaded bed bug," says Bloom.