Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We now install door sweeps

Standard Pest Management technicians are now equipped to install high quality Sealeze door sweeps at your home or business.
  • Sealeze door sweeps seal out insects and rodents
  • Sweeps also seal out drafts, light, rain, wind, dust, snow and fumes
  • No maintenance after installation
  • Great part of any integrated pest management program
  • Energy efficient
Have a technician install one at your account.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bedbug Nightwatch available at Standard

The NightWatch is designed to function as a lure and monitor, as it mimics a living, breathing human body, by combining CO2, a proprietary kairomone lure, and a patented thermal lure for a powerful three-pronged attractant and trapping system. When bedbugs approach to feed on what they think is a human, they fall into the pitfall traps made of highly polished material and cannot escape. NightWatch can catch both mature and immature bedbugs, and since the monitor's detection period spans the 7-10 days bedbugs take between meals, it can detect infestations the very first time they try to bite. No other available product or technology detects new infestations so quickly.

To purchase call (718) 728-4040. To pick up get directions here.

Unit Plus Pack of 4 Lure Cartridges $680.00 Free Shipping NightWatch Multiple Unit Purchase 5 or more, $610.00 each Free Shipping Chemical Lure Packs (4 lures in each pack) $45 a pack. Free Shipping Prices dont include Co2 cartridges.

Due to the bio capabilities of bed bugs and the construction of the capture and control products the possibility of eggs being transferred exists to a limited extent. Ergo in order to protect our customers as well as our own environ bed bug items are not returnable once opened from their original factory packaging. While this may seem inconvenient this policy is primarily for your protection.

Please note that the NightWatch units work best with the CO2 attractant. The 20 oz. cans are available at hardware outlets and sporting stores or at our corporate office in Queens, NY.