Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bio Sensory NightWatch Rental Program:

Have you been treated for bedbugs, and want the peace of mind of knowing their gone? Have you been getting bitten but havnt found any insects yet? Now you can rent a unit for a week or more, saving you the expense of buying one. The NightWatch unit will continue to monitor your room for bedbugs on a continuous basis for as long as it’s placed there. The NightWatch unit attracts bedbugs by mimicking a live human, the choice food of all stages of hungry bed bugs, it accomplishes this by
•    Programmed release of CO2 to attract bedbugs
•    Through the use of heat to attract bedbugs
•    By utilizing a kairomone baiting attractant

Have several sleeping areas you can now afford to have multiple units placed in your home. Call us to get a quote! (718) 728-4040 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New York not in line for powerful bed bug poison

Article mentioning Standards' VP Gil Bloom 
 Read the full article on Brick Underground Here:
Yesterday, Ohio electrified the nation’s growing legion of bed bug sufferers:  The state asked feds for emergency permission to battle the bugs with an insecticide said to be 100 percent effective against the blood suckers but not approved for home use.
A dozen states joined Ohio’s petition, but BrickUnderground has learned that New York was not among them.
"The Department of Environmental Conservation has not requested that exemption,” says Gil Bloom, a BrickTank expert and an entomologist who is also the president of Standard Pest Management in Queens and a member of Mayor Bloomberg’s nascent Bedbug Advisory Board.  “I can only conjecture they’re probably taking a wait and see approach.”
Bloom says New York is quite conservative about pesticides.