Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moisture Meter used to Detect Sources of Moisture Related Insects

When moisture builds up and does not dry properly, it can potentialy breed insects. These moisture related insects can be psocids, silverfish, fruit flies and much more. The key to eliminating these insects is locating and identifiyng the source of the moisture. A great tool that Standard has employed for moisture detection is a moisture meter. In this photo the meter is being used to show how much moisture is in a wall void that is breeding fruit flies.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Entomology & Pest Control Technology Class at Queensborough Community College

Office of continuing Education
is pleased to offer
Gil M. Bloom, BA, certified entomologist, recognized industry consultant and trainer

New 5-week, 30 hour Program
This course educates and fulfills the class requirements to take the NYSDEC Certification Exam in category 7A Structural & Rodent, and exceeds the classroom requirements for apprentice training. Approved for 30 NYSDEC certification credits. Also approved for recertification credits.
BUX-518   10 sessions/$280
MW            Mon & Wed, 6:45-9:45
                   Nov. 2-Dec. 9 (skip 11/23,25)

Discount if you registe for both classes at initial time of registration for $50!

-Common Food & Facility Pests:
Roaches, Flies and Pantry Pests
Ideal for applicatiotors seeking credit or restaurant, food shop owners and quality control personnel. Approved for 3 NYSDEC certificaion credits(7A-7F)
BUX-518    1 sesion/$30
W1              Wed, 6:45-9:45pm, Nov, 18

-Commensal Rodents
Good resource for building owners and management personnel. Approved for 3 NYSDEC certification credits (7A-7F-8)
BUX-518    1 session/$30
W2              Wed, 6:45-9:45pm, Dec.2

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