Sunday, March 13, 2011

Standard Named The Best Bedbug Exterminators In New York!

Best Bedbug Warrior

Standard Pest Management
25-80 Steinway St., nr. 28th Ave., Astoria; 718-728-4040;
New York’s 2009 pick, Boot a Pest, remains a sought-after bedbug-buster, but another outfit has become a go-to combatant: Standard Pest Management. Its president is Gil Bloom, an entomologist who last year served on the city’s Bed Bug Advisory Board. He’s a regular at bedbug summits, keeping up on cutting-edge methods and, as he puts it, “staying on top of the technical curve.” Multipronged attacks are key, he says, and the newest weapon in his arsenal is known as thermal remediation. The details are complicated, but it amounts to baking an infested space at 135 degrees, nuking the bugs. (It’s especially suited to areas like libraries that can’t be easily emptied.) Standard Pest is also known for quieting frazzled nerves with detailed instructions to prevent reinfestation. Article here

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pest Proofing: Not just for Rodents! Fruit Flies Too!

Fruit fly larvae eewww!
When people think about pest proofing they think about sealing the rodents out, what about the other pests. Sometimes the way items are constructed can harbor insects. In this case the tray in this bar was allowing organic material and liquid inside and allowing fruit fly larvae to thrive! We had to take the bar section apart and seal it up properly to eliminate the condition that was allowing fruit flies to breed. Call Standard Pest Management for any type of pest problem we are the pest proofing experts!(not just for rodents!) 
Singh taking care of business!