Friday, October 28, 2011

What if theres bedbugs in my closet?

Shoes in a closet
Whole room heat remediation service is a very effective way to treat all those things that you would not want to spray insecticides all over. Customers ask us all the time what do i do about all my stuff? what about all my clothes, my shoes & electronics? When doing a traditional steam chemical treatment the customer is required to go through these things and run everything you possibly can through the dryer and what about the electronics???? With Thermal Remediation you can leave those items as is, the preparation is much less invasive and everything is treated. Here are some images, showing how this closet full of clothing and shoes left as is are heated up ensuring the items are bed bug free. We use Flir Thermal Imaging technology to ensure that everything is heating up beyond lethal temperature. More photos after the jump.