Monday, February 8, 2010

New bed Bugs Brochure: Preventing and getting rid of bed bugs safely. A guide for property owners, managers and tenants.

New Bed Bugs Brochure: Preventing  and Getting Rid of bed Bugs Safely. A Guide for Property Owners, Managers and Tenants. This brochure is the latest from the city and is part of their healthy home guide series.
Key Messages About Bed Bugs
•Learn to identify the signs of bed bugs.
• Dirty living conditions do not cause bed bugs but cleaning and removing clutter will help in controlling them.
• Anyone can get bed bugs. Seek help immediately if you find them.
• Sealing cracks and small holes will help to reduce hiding places and prevent bed bugs from crawling between apartments.
• Cooperate with your neighbors, landlord and pest management provider. Getting rid of bed bugs needs to involve everyone.
• Do not use pesticide bombs or foggers to control pests. They can make conditions worse.
• It is hard, but not impossible to get rid of bed bugs. The advice in this guide will help.
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Bed Bugs Brochure: Preventing and Getting Rid Of Bed Safely