Sunday, November 15, 2009

New York not in line for powerful bed bug poison

Article mentioning Standards' VP Gil Bloom 
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Yesterday, Ohio electrified the nation’s growing legion of bed bug sufferers:  The state asked feds for emergency permission to battle the bugs with an insecticide said to be 100 percent effective against the blood suckers but not approved for home use.
A dozen states joined Ohio’s petition, but BrickUnderground has learned that New York was not among them.
"The Department of Environmental Conservation has not requested that exemption,” says Gil Bloom, a BrickTank expert and an entomologist who is also the president of Standard Pest Management in Queens and a member of Mayor Bloomberg’s nascent Bedbug Advisory Board.  “I can only conjecture they’re probably taking a wait and see approach.”
Bloom says New York is quite conservative about pesticides.