Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The following is a list of some practical steps from the STANDARD Pest Management experts that you can take to avoid unwanted and injurious pests from interfering with your summer fun.
  • Keep rain gutters clean and do not allow accumulation of leaves or water as both create conditions conducive to pests. The Culex "house mosquito"(which can transmit WNV) only requires an inch of water in which to breed. Check exterior weekly for any water accumulation.
  • Bright lights attract night flying insects. For summer months, replace white exterior light bulbs with yellow bulbs (bug lights), especially those situated around entrances. Keep doors closed
  • Screen windows to prevent flying insects like mosquitoes, bees and wasps from gaining access .
  • Don't leave birdseed around feeders as they could attract mice, rats and other unwanted wildlife.
continued in part 2 next month.