Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Freshman’s Guide To Avoiding Bedbugs

Bedbugs are back! Much to the chagrin of Americans from the city to the plain, these cryptic biting insects have witnessed a steady resurgence over the past decade. Causing near hysteria from homes and hotels to hospitals and public transportation, the hard-to-find, difficult to treat, hard-biting bed bug has a reputation as a nuisance that is truly well earned.

One area where concerns have recently been on the rise is the college campus, where the climate is ripe for the proliferation of these blood-sucking bugs. If your freshman is heading to school this fall, this comprehensive guide will get you ready to battle bed bugs from prevention to extermination.

Pack Smart

Whether you are leaving for the semester or getting away for the weekend, you never know when or where you will encounter bed bugs. The first step in prevention is to carefully conceal all clothing, bedding and personal belongings in bed bug proof luggage liners or sealed plastic bags. If you get to the dorm and discover an infestation, your possessions will remain protected until the problem has been rectified.

Inspect for Insects

Before you bring anything into your housing situation, look closely around the premises for live or dead bed bugs, fecal markings, cast skins or blood spots. These nocturnal insects typically find shelter near their hosts, so carefully scrutinize existing beds and mattresses, in addition to headboards, nightstands and any cracks or crevices. Bed bugs are notoriously hard to spot and identify, so if there is any evidence save a sample and contact a pest management professional for confirmation.

Proceed With Caution

Even if you are clear upon first inspection, considering the rise of incidents on college campuses, it’s prudent to be proactive. Store clothing in bed bug proof garment and laundry bags and be sure to place a bed bug proof encasement over your mattress or box spring. They will create a seal to keep bugs out while containing any already living inside where they will starve and expire.

Create a Perimeter 

Bed bugs are hitchhikers, but they can also walk short distances, making visitors and neighbors your biggest concerns. Properly applying a product like diatomaceous earth in potential entry points is recommended to stop and kill crawling bugs, while sealing all cracks, crevices, and openings will limit where bed bugs can enter or find shelter. Finally, set monitor traps under and around the bed and check them frequently for early detection.

Stay on Guard

Minimize clutter and make it part of your regular cleaning routine to check for signs of infestation, especially if you’ve had guests and after vacations. When traveling for the weekend or heading for spring break, keep your clothing in sealed bags, and wash your laundry and bedding often. Using hot water and detergent in conjunction with machine drying for more than 30 minutes on high heat will effectively kill bed bugs.

Don’t Hesitate

A bite, blood spot, or sighting is all the reason you need to call in the pros. Bed bugs are difficult to control without expert knowledge, proper tools and sustained diligence. The sooner you respond the more likely you are to contain the problem, avoiding a full-fledged infestation. The process of thoroughly treating for bed bugs may be temporarily inconvenient, but beats being bitten in the night by bloodthirsty pests.

Come Home Alone

Thoroughly inspect all items you are taking home, whether you have experienced bed bugs or not. Wash and dry clothing and bedding at high temperatures, pack in sealed bags and leave behind small furnishings that may harbor bed bugs. Don’t bring anything into the house before a final inspection, checking the lining of bags and backpacks, as well as electronics such as laptops.

Don’t Bug Out

Dealing with a bed bug infestation can be an exhausting experience marked by sleepless nights. Avoid having to go through it by following this guide for prevention and early detection, and immediately consulting an experienced bed bug specialist when suspicions arise.

Top Ten Bed Bug Prevention Tips for New Freshmen

  1. Educate yourself on bed bugs, from what they look like to how they feed and reproduce.
  2. Thoroughly inspect all dwellings before unpacking, whether staying for the night or a semester.
  3. Encase mattress, box springs or futons in a bed bug proof encasement to keep insects out or contained.
  4. Store clothing and personal items in garment bags, luggage liners and laundry bags designed to keep out bed bugs. 
  5. Keep floors clear and counter clutter to a minimum to reduce the risk of bed bug infiltration. Regular vacuuming along with discarding the bag or collected debris outside can assist as well.
  6. Frequently wash clothing and bedding in warm water and dry heat for a sustained period of more than 30 minutes. 
  7. Don’t bring home second-hand bedding, furniture (especially if upholstered), books or clothing before thorough inspection.
  8. Alert appropriate authorities if bed bugs are suspected in or around your dorm room, apartment building, or house.
  9. Contact a pest management professional for a discreet consultation to confirm the presence of bed bugs.
  10. In the case of infestation, immediately contract an experienced pest management professional to address your bed bug problem. 

**For more information on bed bugs and related services call us for a free quote & consultation.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Win A Free iPAD Smart Cover.

Standard Pest's customers are eligible to win a NEW iPAD Smart Cover. Simply answer the questionnaire based on your experience with our staff and service. We will choose the winner at the end of the month of April 2012. Good Luck!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stored Product Pests

Every month we have tech training meetings. The topics of this past meeting were stored product pests and customer service. The next night at home my wife, we found some beetles and she put me to task to find the source. We had been seeing one or two for the past few weeks but now I had to solve the problem. After removing many items from our cabinets, we identified the source, an old box of pancake mix. It was great to actually put some skills to use and give my wife some peace of mind. See more photos after the break.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

VERIFI Bedbug Monitor

The Verifi™ bed bug detector offers homeowners and property managers huge new advantages over traditional detection methods. Not only is Verifi a more affordable, more discreet way to determine if a bed bug infestation is present, it works around the clock to help give you continuous peace of mind.

Featuring replaceable attractants, the Verifi bed bug detector is the first device to provide ongoing detection for up to 90 days at a time. Your pest management professional can quickly and easily replace the attractants on a regular basis for year-round monitoring. Designed to fit behind beds and other furnishings and operate silently, the Verifi bed bug detector won’t disturb occupants in a room.

Even if you don’t currently have bed bugs, the continuous detection of the Verifi bed bug detector helps alert you to any newly-introduced bed bug populations at an earlier stage. Early detection of bed bugs can increase the success and decrease the cost of your treatment program.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What if theres bedbugs in my closet?

Shoes in a closet
Whole room heat remediation service is a very effective way to treat all those things that you would not want to spray insecticides all over. Customers ask us all the time what do i do about all my stuff? what about all my clothes, my shoes & electronics? When doing a traditional steam chemical treatment the customer is required to go through these things and run everything you possibly can through the dryer and what about the electronics???? With Thermal Remediation you can leave those items as is, the preparation is much less invasive and everything is treated. Here are some images, showing how this closet full of clothing and shoes left as is are heated up ensuring the items are bed bug free. We use Flir Thermal Imaging technology to ensure that everything is heating up beyond lethal temperature. More photos after the jump.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

In Rememberance of Sam Bloom

Sam Bloom, President of Standard Pest Management, passed away early this morning at the age of 87. Sam started working at Standard in 1960 for his father-in-law and the business is now run by the 3rd and 4th generation of Blooms. Throughout the years, Sam grew the business that provided not only for his own family, but also for the families of countless employees. Sam was also an active member of the community, serving on community boards and dedicating his time and efforts to countless religious and political organizations. You could not help but like Sam. His friendly personality and positive demeanor always put a smile on your face. He was kind and always willing to help his friends, family, employees or anyone that came across his path. He will be truly missed.
Check out this article about Sam that was in the NY Times here.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

In-home bed bug inspections de rigueur at some Manhattan private schools

In addition to writing out checks for tuition and extracurricular activities this summer, some Manhattan private school parents apparently found themselves shelling out for a licensed pest control operator to satisfy a new school requirement that all students' homes get visually inspected for bed bugs before the first day of classes.

"I have dealt with two families that needed bed bug clearance letters for their children's private schools along with the usual doctors' notes," says Gil Bloom, the entomologist and pest control operator who runs Standard Pest Management in Queens. "One was a preschool and the other a primary school."

Also new this school year: The city has implemented new reporting protocols and requirements (e.g. the Department of Education's Bed Bug Information Kit for Schools), mandating that records and statistics be kept and centralized, and that letters be sent home when the presence of bed bugs is confirmed.

The new rules may result in more incidents being reported this school year than last, says Bloom, but "overall, more folks are aware of bed bugs in general and as a result, our social institutions are learning and devising better ways to deal with them."

Standard Pest Management, Queens, N.Y., employs an exclusion strategy to keep mice out of an apartment building’s garbage chute.

By June Van Klaveren

Standard Pest Management, Queens, N.Y., employs an exclusion strategy to keep mice out of an apartment building’s garbage chute.

Take an old six-story, 72-unit apartment building in New York City, add brick-lined trash chutes filled with cracks and crevices, tons of garbage and a basement where that garbage collected, and you have a recipe for a serious mouse infestation and unhappy tenants.

The property management company for the building contacted Standard Pest Management in Queens to bid on pest control in three of their newly acquired buildings. Joshua Bloom, quality assurance director for Standard Pest Management, explains, “Inspections of the first two buildings showed no unusual pest activity but in building three, a severe mouse problem was found.”

The apartment building’s trash chutes previously led to garbage incinerators in the basement but now those same chutes are used to convey refuse to the trash compactor. The garbage then accumulates in the basement compacting unit until it is compacted and removed. Lined with deteriorating brick and concrete, these trash chutes provided ample harborage for mice at the base of the chutes. The building contained two separate chutes, one of which was infested, and the tenants from 10 to 15 units adjacent to that chute complained of rodent activity on higher floors.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ask an Expert: Die, roaches, die with Standard Pest's own Gil Bloom A.C.E.

Q. What's the most effective way to get rid of roaches? Also, are any of the sprays harmful to kids or pets?
A.  We assume you are referring to ordinary roaches, about half-an inch long, rather than one-to-two inch behemoth beetle-like cockroaches commonly (though incorrectly) referred to as water bugs.  The smaller variety can be brought in with groceries or deliveries and occasionally migrate from an adjacent "reservoir" apartment, says pest control expert Gil Bloom.  Simply calling an exterminator in to spray may not be enough. If they're coming in from next door, says Bloom, "use of a sealant to caulk around kitchen and bathroom areas and service lines as well as wall-void application of diatomaceous earth or boric acid is a good prevention."
Other tips:  Don't leave human or animal food out, empty your garbage cans twice a day, and don't save bags, boxes, newspapers etc. Insect traps can be helpful, says Bloom, as well as a variety of baits that you can buy at the hardware or drugstore and put in the hot spots where you see roaches, or between the scavengers and their food source. "Boric acid baits are the least toxic for non-insects and diatomaceous earth is a reduced risk dust which is effective for most insects including the dreaded bed bug," says Bloom.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Standard Named The Best Bedbug Exterminators In New York!

Best Bedbug Warrior

Standard Pest Management
25-80 Steinway St., nr. 28th Ave., Astoria; 718-728-4040; standardpest.com
New York’s 2009 pick, Boot a Pest, remains a sought-after bedbug-buster, but another outfit has become a go-to combatant: Standard Pest Management. Its president is Gil Bloom, an entomologist who last year served on the city’s Bed Bug Advisory Board. He’s a regular at bedbug summits, keeping up on cutting-edge methods and, as he puts it, “staying on top of the technical curve.” Multipronged attacks are key, he says, and the newest weapon in his arsenal is known as thermal remediation. The details are complicated, but it amounts to baking an infested space at 135 degrees, nuking the bugs. (It’s especially suited to areas like libraries that can’t be easily emptied.) Standard Pest is also known for quieting frazzled nerves with detailed instructions to prevent reinfestation. Article here

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pest Proofing: Not just for Rodents! Fruit Flies Too!

Fruit fly larvae eewww!
When people think about pest proofing they think about sealing the rodents out, what about the other pests. Sometimes the way items are constructed can harbor insects. In this case the tray in this bar was allowing organic material and liquid inside and allowing fruit fly larvae to thrive! We had to take the bar section apart and seal it up properly to eliminate the condition that was allowing fruit flies to breed. Call Standard Pest Management for any type of pest problem we are the pest proofing experts!(not just for rodents!) 
Singh taking care of business!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

NY City Mice Really Like Ditrac Cake!!!!

Its always a tough task to get mice to feed on our rodenticide instead of sometimes other more palatable more available options. This is a box of Ditrac Cake rodenticide that mice wanted to get into so badly they chewed through the box and annihilated a couple of cakes! They also seem to have been nesting in the box as well!

Friday, January 21, 2011

New York's Pest Proofing Experts-We seal out the rodents!

This compactor room had a big problem with mice living in the walls and coming out to feed on the garbage. So we sealed up all the holes where the mice were getting in from to keep them from feeding on the garbage, we also treated all the holes before they were sealed up. To seal them up properly we stuff up the holes with Xcluder http://www.getxcluder.com/ then we seal it up with a special foam. If youve got pest problems let us seal them out! Visit standardpest.com for more info.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Standard Pest Management's Entomologist and President  Gil Bloom after taking the Coney Island New Years Day Dip in 40 degree water to raise money for Camp Sunshine, a retreat for children with life-threatening
illnesses and their families. Next year he hopes to be joined by several members of Standard Pest Managements dedicated staff.

Monday, December 27, 2010

New York Snow Day

Today there was a big snowstorm in New York City. For those that were lucky enough to get their cars out it was a mess driving around and even harder to find a parking spot. I hope tomorrow is better. Take a look at the Standard Pest Management Professionals working to get their trucks out today.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New York Dept Of Sanitation To Combat BedBugs

Beginning December 3rd, 2010, the New York City Department of Sanitation will require all City residents to fully encase within a sealed plastic bag all mattresses or box springs being discarded for DSNY collection. Under the new rule, failure to place a mattress or box spring out in a proper bag can result in a $100 fine.  The Department will delay enforcing the new set-out rule for 30 days, followed by full enforcement beginning January 3rd, 2011. Read more here

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nerd Nite NYC Presents Bed Bugs

Gil Bloom A.C.E. to speak about bed bugs @ Nerd Nite at Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo Brooklyn "Bed bugs are everywhere in Brooklyn, and now they’re at Nerd Nite!  Well, in a not-gonna-bite-you way.  Join us on Friday November 12, 2010 for presentations about bed bugs, what we’ve learned about dinosaurs since we were in elementary school, and laser weapons in our military."Read more here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thermal Remediation, Bed Bug Treatment now available from Standard Pest Management in New York

Standard is now performing thermal remediation treatments in New York. This a green aproach to bed bug control. Bed bugs begin to die at this lethal temperature, and we maintian this temperature for hours making sure bed bugs in all stages of life are killed. There is less preperation with this service, and it is great for environments with lots of clutter.
Watch a treatment here:

For more info visit here

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Metro Article Mentioning Standard Pest & BEDBUGS!!!!!

New plan to knock blood suckers dead
Article from here:
They’ve invaded our homes, schools and trendy clothing stores. Bed bugs are here to stay, city officials said yesterday, unveiling a $500,000 plan to battle the bloodsuckers to be anchored by a planned Web portal with information about prevention, detection and managing an infestation.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bedbugs II: The City Strikes Back! NY TImes City Room Article mentioning Standard & Gil Bloom

By all accounts, the bedbugs are swarming our defenses.
Now after months of planning and, one can only assume, military-campaign-like preparation, the city is ready to release its counterattack strategy on Wednesday at 2 p.m. on the steps of City Hall.
“If fully implemented, the recommendations could reverse the current increase in bedbug activity and actually improve our situation,” Gil Bloom, president of Standard Pest Management, told Brick Underground.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bobby Corrigan 2010 @ Residex

Just last week the Standard crew attended Residex for the annual rodent seminar hosted by Bobby Corrigan and sponsored by Bell Labs. We heard the latest updates in rodent control from one of the industries greatest rodentologist. while there we had the opportunity to also take some company photo. The photo bellow is with Bobby in the middle.
Photo of the people in attendance

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Check out this bee swarm in New York!

Check out this swarm we stumbled across at one of our accounts a few weeks ago. This was the first time I personally saw one of these. As quickly as a aswarm appears it also can move on. Even though the customer was very upset about this we advised against treatment and sure enough it was gone within hours. Had it been a stinging insects nest we surely would have treated. A swarm as defined by wikipedia "Swarming is the natural means of reproduction of honey bee colonies. A new honey bee colony is formed when the queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees, a process called swarming. In the prime swarm, about 60% of the worker bees leave the original hive location with the old queen. This swarm can contain thousands to tens of thousands of bees. Swarming is mainly a spring phenomenon, usually within a two- or three-week period depending on the locale, but occasional swarms can happen throughout the producing season."
see another photo on our flickr, here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soft Bait Challenge Update

The mice completely devoured the Ratimor soft bait,

Once the Ratimor was all gone they started eating the First Strike, and i replaced the Ratimor bait.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Pest control is always changing and evolving, so in the last year we have added two new soft baits to our rodenticide arsenal. Its always a discussion in the office and between the techs which one of these works better and in what situation. I finally had the opportunity to put em to the test. So i placed both baits in a Bell Labs RTU that was having mouse activity.
The bait on the left is Ratimor: active ingredient - Bromadiolone
The bait on the right is First Strike: active ingredient - Difethialone



Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bed bugs | Things you dont want too see

Here is something you don't want too see, a really bad bed bug infestation. Standard treats some of the worst bed bug infestations. Here bed bugs and their eggs were all over this crevice behind a couch. We treated it with steam and chemicals.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pest Proofing/Exclusion Sealing Out Rodents & Insects In NY New York

Standard has been performing professional pest exclusion and pest proofing for new york businesses and homes. If rodents and pest are a problem we treat using the most effective methods and sometimes that happens to be sealing them out. Either using copper mesh, hardware cloth, concrete/mortar, caulk and sealants we get the job dones. Here is a short video of one of Standards techs installing some sheet metal along a wall that rodents were continuing to chew through to gain access. Visit here for more info NY pest control proofing & exclusion .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Residex Delivery Truck In The Snow

Every week we get our delivery from Residex. This past week it snowed. Making poor conditions to receive deliveries in the rear of the office. However Residex came through, here is some video we shot while the Residex team John & Rich were having some snow related difficulties. Enjoy

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Entomology & Pest Control Classes | Pest Control Course Ny New York

Entomology & Pest Control Technology Class offered by Gil Bloom, BA, certified entomologist,
Pest Management Technology New 5-week, 30-hour Program
This course educates and fulfills the class requirements to take the NYSDEC Certification Exam in category 7A Structural & Rodent, and exceeds the classroom requirements for apprentice training. Approved for 30 NYSDEC certification credits. Also approved for the recertification credits.
BUX-518 10 sessions
MW Mon & Wed, 6:45-9:45pm,

Entomology Re certification Module
Commensal Rodents
Good resource for building owners and management personnel. Approved for 3 NYSDEC certification credits (7A-7F-8)
BUX-518 1 session

Click here for more info:

Monday, February 8, 2010

New bed Bugs Brochure: Preventing and getting rid of bed bugs safely. A guide for property owners, managers and tenants.

New Bed Bugs Brochure: Preventing  and Getting Rid of bed Bugs Safely. A Guide for Property Owners, Managers and Tenants. This brochure is the latest from the city and is part of their healthy home guide series.
Key Messages About Bed Bugs
•Learn to identify the signs of bed bugs.
• Dirty living conditions do not cause bed bugs but cleaning and removing clutter will help in controlling them.
• Anyone can get bed bugs. Seek help immediately if you find them.
• Sealing cracks and small holes will help to reduce hiding places and prevent bed bugs from crawling between apartments.
• Cooperate with your neighbors, landlord and pest management provider. Getting rid of bed bugs needs to involve everyone.
• Do not use pesticide bombs or foggers to control pests. They can make conditions worse.
• It is hard, but not impossible to get rid of bed bugs. The advice in this guide will help.
CLick Read more to view the entire brochure.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cornell Community IPM Program Needs YOur Help!

   As you may be aware the Cornell Community IPM program is in serious jeopardy. For years this group has offered a balanced IPM approach as others sought to force a non pesticide or pesticides as a last resort agenda on all New Yorkers. It is imperative that we do all we can in support of this program. Please go here and see the letter from Don Rutz the head of the program for initial steps in combating this misguided move by the Governor.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some cool tools we use here at Standard!

Decided to show off some of my favorite tools we use here at standard. I put in the Pur Fill gun that is great for sealing out insects, the foam comes in white and black for exterior applications(very cool). The Pestifoamer, the greatest tool for applying foam in a commercial kitchen setting. The foam eats away the scummy gelatinous material that allows fruit flies to breed. The new Hilti gun is great for anchoring bait stations into concrete, allows us to secure bait stations properly. I also show off the See snake which is a great tool for taking a look into wall voids and finding stuff. These are some of the tools that allow us to continue to be one of the most modern pest conrol companies in new york.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Say hi to Larry the snake

Say hi to the office pet Larry the snake. Larry got caught on a glue board at one of our accounts and was rescued by Jack (one of our many great techs) bringing him in and than Joe (greatest service manager) rescued Larry from the glue board. Ever since we have been taking care of Larry, getting him a tank and feeding him his favorite treat Crickets.  see a close-up of Larry after the jump.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Standard's Vice Pres Gil Bloom Guest Speaker @ ISS Pest Control Knowlege Forum

This years ISS Pest Control Knowledge Forum heard form Standards own Gil Bloom. Gil gave his presentation "Bed Bugs The New Vampires". To give this presentation Gil was invited all the way to Israel where this years Knowledge Forum was being held. Congrats Gil! from the whole team @ Standard!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The meal moth takes Manhattan

article about moths mentioning Standards Vice President
original article here @ Brickunderground:
After several acquaintances complained to us recently about moth infestations in their Manhattan apartments, we checked with our pest management expert, Gil Bloom, to see whether a larger trend is taking wing.
According to Bloom, complaints about pantry moths (a.k.a. meal moths) have been on the upswing for several years now, corresponding with a trend toward bulk shopping.  Call it the Costco effect.  

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Standards Unique Business Cards

Got another comment on my business card the other day so i figured i wouyld post it for everyone to see. We designed these in house and had them printed. Double sided, full bleed, rounded corners and nice stock. Thinking about going with spot colors next time. Hope you enjoy. BTW Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Were A Favorite Place On Google!

Congrats to Standard Pest Managementon becoming a Google favorite place. We received our window decal from google yesterday. Read more about google favorite place program here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bio Sensory NightWatch Rental Program:

Have you been treated for bedbugs, and want the peace of mind of knowing their gone? Have you been getting bitten but havnt found any insects yet? Now you can rent a unit for a week or more, saving you the expense of buying one. The NightWatch unit will continue to monitor your room for bedbugs on a continuous basis for as long as it’s placed there. The NightWatch unit attracts bedbugs by mimicking a live human, the choice food of all stages of hungry bed bugs, it accomplishes this by
•    Programmed release of CO2 to attract bedbugs
•    Through the use of heat to attract bedbugs
•    By utilizing a kairomone baiting attractant

Have several sleeping areas you can now afford to have multiple units placed in your home. Call us to get a quote! (718) 728-4040 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New York not in line for powerful bed bug poison

Article mentioning Standards' VP Gil Bloom 
 Read the full article on Brick Underground Here:
Yesterday, Ohio electrified the nation’s growing legion of bed bug sufferers:  The state asked feds for emergency permission to battle the bugs with an insecticide said to be 100 percent effective against the blood suckers but not approved for home use.
A dozen states joined Ohio’s petition, but BrickUnderground has learned that New York was not among them.
"The Department of Environmental Conservation has not requested that exemption,” says Gil Bloom, a BrickTank expert and an entomologist who is also the president of Standard Pest Management in Queens and a member of Mayor Bloomberg’s nascent Bedbug Advisory Board.  “I can only conjecture they’re probably taking a wait and see approach.”
Bloom says New York is quite conservative about pesticides.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moisture Meter used to Detect Sources of Moisture Related Insects

When moisture builds up and does not dry properly, it can potentialy breed insects. These moisture related insects can be psocids, silverfish, fruit flies and much more. The key to eliminating these insects is locating and identifiyng the source of the moisture. A great tool that Standard has employed for moisture detection is a moisture meter. In this photo the meter is being used to show how much moisture is in a wall void that is breeding fruit flies.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Entomology & Pest Control Technology Class at Queensborough Community College

Office of continuing Education
is pleased to offer
Gil M. Bloom, BA, certified entomologist, recognized industry consultant and trainer

New 5-week, 30 hour Program
This course educates and fulfills the class requirements to take the NYSDEC Certification Exam in category 7A Structural & Rodent, and exceeds the classroom requirements for apprentice training. Approved for 30 NYSDEC certification credits. Also approved for recertification credits.
BUX-518   10 sessions/$280
MW            Mon & Wed, 6:45-9:45
                   Nov. 2-Dec. 9 (skip 11/23,25)

Discount if you registe for both classes at initial time of registration for $50!

-Common Food & Facility Pests:
Roaches, Flies and Pantry Pests
Ideal for applicatiotors seeking credit or restaurant, food shop owners and quality control personnel. Approved for 3 NYSDEC certificaion credits(7A-7F)
BUX-518    1 sesion/$30
W1              Wed, 6:45-9:45pm, Nov, 18

-Commensal Rodents
Good resource for building owners and management personnel. Approved for 3 NYSDEC certification credits (7A-7F-8)
BUX-518    1 session/$30
W2              Wed, 6:45-9:45pm, Dec.2

more info here:

Monday, September 7, 2009

NY TIMES Article Mentions Standard Exterminating Co., Inc

A recent article in the NY Times Real Estate section on bed bugs mentions Standard Exterminating. 
The article can be found here:
For the article the NY Times came and took a photo of Gil Bloom Standard's Vice President in front of Standards main office in Queens NY. The article talks about the climate and reality of bed bugs and their impact on buying and selling real estate in NY. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We now install door sweeps

Standard Pest Management technicians are now equipped to install high quality Sealeze door sweeps at your home or business.
  • Sealeze door sweeps seal out insects and rodents
  • Sweeps also seal out drafts, light, rain, wind, dust, snow and fumes
  • No maintenance after installation
  • Great part of any integrated pest management program
  • Energy efficient
Have a technician install one at your account.